We're the youth wing of the Partij voor de Dieren (Party for the Animals). We'll help you make an actual difference in improving the lot of fellow humans, other animals, and of the earth as a whole.

With PINK! you can work towards the systematic change that’s necessary to improve the happiness and freedom of all sentient beings in our society, and to keep the chance of a desirable future.

Although PINK! is a PYO (political youth organisation), our main goal is not to convince anyone of any particular political ideology. We strive to inform, to nurture people’s ability to think critically, and to help them discover how much influence we have as (young) civilians, so that together we can try to create a better world for all, no matter what their gender, sexuality, ethnicity or species.

We recognize that people are amazing creatures. We are creative, curious and incredibly resourceful. We can also be very empathetic. Unfortunately, we’ve made things very difficult for ourselves, and all our fellow beings on this planet, through our haste, greed and ability to disturb natural balances we’re not even aware of.

It’s time for an urgent and rapid transition to a world where humans get more opportunities to show off our goodness. We need to undo the systematic cruelty and orchestrated torment of animals, and fight to keep our planet livable. Join our movement now, because we can turn the tide together.

  • We can no longer afford to ignore the extent to which we're damaging our world
  • Other animals have an intrinsic value just as we do
  • Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed